Analysis of Strategies Implemented by AirAsia to Cater to the Covid-19 Effects

Rajesh Kumar Nair, Varsha Ganatra, Karishma Kaur, Daisy Mui Hung Kee, Wan Teng Khoo, Shi Ying Khor, Keshaav Rao, Janhvi Mahajan


During the global pandemic, AirAsia reported an annual loss of RM5.9 billion ($1.4 billion) in 2020. The uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak, travel restrictions, and border controls had led to weaker air travel demand, which had impacted AirAsia’s operation badly. This paper depicts how Covid-19 impacted AirAsia and the strategies implemented by AirAsia during the pandemic in the marketing aspects. This paper also focuses on how AirAsia can anticipate a strong recovery in the airline industry while expanding to other industries. In extreme and under pressure circumstances, AirAsia implemented many strategies to cater to the effects of Covid-19. However, other strategies, such as focusing on their business in the food industry, should be expanded throughout Malaysia.

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